Welcome to the All of UsSM Research Program Engagement Core website!

All of Us is changing the way research is done. Individuals who choose to engage with this project are more than ‘research participants.’ Our participants serve as important partners in all aspects of the program – from research design to governance, dissemination, and evaluation. We have a committed group of individuals from across the United States who represent a range of age, social, racial, ethnic, cultural, geographic, sexuality and gender identities, and health status.

Our Participant Partners provide valuable insights, contributions, and exchange of ideas to help ensure All of Us truly reflects the needs, preferences, and priorities of our many diverse communities.

Participants serve in three main groups:

Participant as Partners: These participants serve on the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee, and the Advisory Panel of the All of Us Research Program. There are a total of six participants in these groups.

Participant Ambassadors: These participants provide feedback on materials, design, and recruitment activities. Twenty two individuals from around the country serve on this group.

Director’s Think Tank: This group of eight individuals meet on an ad hoc basis with the director of the All of Us Research Program, Eric Dishman. They provide critical feedback to shape new approaches, solve problems, and advance the mission of All of Us.

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